Why are we thinking in 360-degree communications?

Our agency consists of professionals with strong online communications experience and background. Basically, using integrated approach and strategies, we try to realize our work along 360-degree communications.

The integration of the different communication tools is a huge advantage to our clients, because our communication activities are concentrated in one hand. In practice this means that we are responsible for designing the leaflets and carrying out the attendance campaign of the website at the same time. The communication activities are more transparent and quicker thanks to the one responsible individual. Our clients receive a comprehensive view about the full process related to their communications, which can be more targeted and more effective than ever before.

Today the tools of the online and offline communications operate hand in hand. Let’s see an example: the interaction between the different communication surfaces is illustrated well when a printed coupon from the website gets a discount to the customer when it is shown at the actual store, or when a QR code is used in the introductory brochure to serve as a portal to the website where the latest event informations can be found. In practice the bigger integrity means greater access, better client continuance overall resulting in better return on investment.

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