The empathy and the open-mindedness

Aquarius Hand’s seat is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary which is the biggest and most populated city as well. The city is the country’s political, cultural, commercial, industrial and vehicular center, and also one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. The picturesque bridges over the Danube, the unique spas, the architectural sights, the historical monuments, the pulsing downtown and the sparkling cultural life create an unforgettable cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Our office is situtated at the villa district of Buda, close to the river Danube, which is the most spectacular part of the capital. The silent greenbelt environment, with the wide and clear spaces, helps the office to look like the island of tranquility within the buzzing city.

This harmony and open-mindedness is reflected within our philosophy as well; the personal customer relationship, the empathy and the open-mindedness are priorites. Our working method is based on the understanding of each other. We appreciate if you are looking for our advice, let it be a large-scale project, or a smaller one. We believe that the biggest ideas could only reveal themselves if there was a supporting partner from the beginning who helped delivering it to success.

It is always a pleasure to meet new, valuable people. It is more than welcome to contact us, via phone or skype, or pay a visit to us personally to get to know each other within a pleasant conversation.

We are happy to hear about your plans!

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