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The approach of integrated communications provides an innovative solution that is able to handle offline and online tools in a complex way.


All of our partners are being treated in a special way, meaning both the customer care and the quality of the service. We aim for long-term partnership.


Our young and flexible colleagues continuously receive trainings which ensure that you will be served with the latest professional knowledge and will help your business to be a success.


Aquarius Hand was created to face and solve diverse communication challenges. Our team has in-depth knowledge of integrating the classic marketing tools with the latest technologies.
We emphasize customer relationship and partnership, because our most important goal is to understand our client’s needs. We search for the best possible solution within the given circumstances.

We are looking for the latest communication solutions and our knowledge is always up to date. We provide our colleagues with international carreer opportunities, stable background, familiar atmosphere and continuous opportunities to develop themselves.

"It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together."

Lloyd Dobens

Some Fun Facts

coffee capsules per month
kilograms of fruit per week
brainstormings per project
screens for 15 colleagues




According to our credo the prudent and full-scale strategy planning is the essential criteria for the long-term communication success. We are cooperating with our partners in this spirit.

Project management

Project management

Our communication agency team has special expertise and well-established practice in the coordination of project management processes.



Our intention is to build a strong brand in cooperation with our clients, that could result in significant market advantage and creates security for their businesses.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

With our innovative and unique mobile application tool, that keeps pace with the trends, easy communication becomes available to all our partners.

Social Media

Social Media

Our young and enthusiastic team follows the changes of the social media trends that happen every other day, so our clients always get the latest professional knowledge.

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The empathy and the open-mindedness

Aquarius Hand’s seat is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary which is the biggest and most populated city as well. The city is the country’s political, cultural, commercial, industrial and vehicular center, and also one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

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Team spirit: The key of the client’s success

Members of the business community clearly understand that the typical trends in marketing and communications are inseparable from our accelerating modern world. We face everyday that the online tools are getting more and more emphasis beside the offline communication tools.

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